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RE Order:

Best blades I have ever cut with...went through aluminum like it was butter. I know where I will be buying all my saw blades in the future.


RE Order:

Just want to say how pleased I am with your operation. I have purchased all my blades from you over the years and have never had a complaint. When a blade needs welding, you have always done it free of charge, including shipping! You could easily add "total satisfaction guaranteed" to your Web Site, because it's true!


To Whom it may concern,

Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service and shipping to get this order to us so quickly. I want to let you know you were exactly who we needed and delivered when we needed. How often does THAT happen? I thought we were the only ones who bent over backwards to satisfy our customers! It may not have been anything more than business as usual to you, but thanks for making my day.


To Whom it may concern,

Just a note to tell you thanks for the quick response. We really needed that blade and you folks at Bandsawbladesdirect.com came thru for us. We just really wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.


Hi there,

I did get my blade that i ordered and man its much better then i had expected (by far)...and i just wanted to thank you...you guys are doing a great job..this thing goes through wood like a hot knife through butter...lol...well thanks again and I'm looking forward to dealing with you again soon...

Prince Albert - Saskatchewan, Canada